I waffle a bit on this “totally, 100% professional” look quite a bit.  I grew up along the east coast, went to college in Virginia, and then after graduation I worked as a lobbyist in Washington, DC.  I was always “dressed up” for work and I truly enjoyed it.

As I moved out west, have grown older and am a mother of two, I also started to see the fun in being a bit more casual in my dress and manner.

The bottom line is whether we dress it up or down, if we are not ourselves yet think we can sell ourselves through our dress or manner, we are not staying true and human.

At Montana 406 Real Estate one of my goals is to allow you to know me and to truly humanize your experience of what good and professional real estate representation is like.  That…

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When I was a young girl I used to love going over to my grandparents’ house.  Everything was fun and I was treated so special as the only granddaughter.

I was always in awe as to how much my grandmother knew – to me she was the most connected and informed woman on the planet.  She had an answer for everything and it was really amazing how she knew, and frequently referred to “Them”.  They were doing this to give us a better life, or They were going about something in a way my grandmother didn’t approve of, or They were saying this or that.  Do you have similar memories of people in your life with those connections?

I always used to keep quiet about Them and the fact that my grandmother knew who They were – I did not want to give away her secrets…

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OK – it’s official.  We are back into multiple offers when it comes to homes for sale in Bozeman at certain price points.  Along with multiple offer situations, come bidding wars, stress, and some emotions you may not have visited for a while.

Usually, when we hit this stage, our home sellers take the “talk to the hand” approach because it is all about the dollars.  This is not an unexpected, unreasonable or ill-advised approach – and it can be a natural reaction.  It is then our job to help gain the highest dollar for our clients, with the fewest hassles, in the most desirable amount of time.

When we represent a buyer in this situation, there is then the “write a letter” approach that we advise and have great success with.  What if, all offers being…

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…good money for brokerage services – and with a good and professional Realtor, you’ll get more than you pay for.

This is a point of conversation for many savvy home sellers…as it should be.  It is not one a good Realtor will shy away from either.  While brokerage fees are not cast in stone (nor is it legal to do so), there are customary amounts/percentages a home seller pays for the services rendered from a broker. The hard part is delivering more than you expect - and that is what we expect of ourselves at Montana 406 and other professional Realtors.

There are clients who would happily pay more for what we do, if they only believed that in fact, our dealings would turn out to be a bargain and worth more than the cost.  One reason people “price…

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