Bozeman Homes for saleIt’s so easy (and so unfair) how quickly your entryway can go from clean to chaos — and that chaos makes trying to get out the door brutal….especially here in Bozeman, in the winter! Think of all that time wasted hunting for your keys and umbrella, or digging through a pile of coats in a desperate attempt to find your buried purse.  Five minutes spent riffling through your endless piles of stuff each morning becomes 35 minutes a week, or more than 30 hours a year!

Breathe easy. You’re not alone. And you can reclaim that crucial time.

“Most everyone that I’ve worked with has basically the same kinds of problems,” says professional organizer Yve Irish.

Corralling your clutter can feel overwhelming, but with the right mindset and a few clever hacks,…

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Recently I was thinking about how we could embrace our “cozy kitchen” and not have to go into full remodel mode – this, of course comes after the holidays when my wife goes into “kitchen exile” for a few weeks.

Also, when your living is brokering and selling homes, you become fascinated with what other people see in certain parts of homes and what it is they are drawn to, over and over again as home buyers.

So…. How do chefs organize their home kitchens? Smartly, thank you — and not as lavishly as you might think.

For homeowners who love to cook, the kitchen is a sacred space. It needs an inviting ambiance and a practical workflow more than shiny new appliances or endless counter space. In fact, many professional chefs say they don’t need a…

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Home TipsSix “To-Do” Tasks for Your New Home…


Moving into your first home is exciting! But it also means you’ve got work to do.

When we bought our first house (even though it wasn’t in Bozeman), our timing couldn’t have been better: The house closing was two weeks before the lease was up on our current house. That meant we could take our time packing and moving, and we could get to know the new place before moving in.

We recruited friends to help move (in exchange for a beer-and-pizza picnic on the floor) and, as a bonus, we got to pick their brains about what first-time homeowners should know. 

Their help was one of the best housewarming presents we could have gotten. And thanks to their expertise and a little research, here’s what I learned about what…

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