Montana 406 can get you top dollar for your cherished home, but any improvements made will assist in the process. Springtime in Bozeman is not only the best time of year to give your home a good cleaning, it’s also the best time of year to take on several home improvement projects. Spring projects like these can improve your home’s looks and performance, and rarely cost more than $1,000, so you can easily take care of these issues before they have a chance to lead to bigger problems down the road.

Siding Repair

 Montana weather can really do a number on your siding. Painted wood siding frequently needs to have sections replaced that have been subjected to moisture over the cold, wet months. In most cases, repairing a section of siding can help…

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Think 10 Steps Ahead

When one of our clients updated a tiny kitchen in one of his Bozeman rentals, he installed a brand-new, expensive refrigerator — and then built a peninsula countertop extension.

Sounds like the greatest idea, right?  But adding the peninsula narrowed the space in front of the refrigerator, making it impossible to remove the refrigerator without lifting it entirely up and over the extension. (Ever tried to lift a fridge?)

DIY Lesson: Measure once, measure twice, measure again, and think through every possible scenario before changing a room’s layout.

Don’t Go with the Least Expensive Option

Speaking of kitchen appliances: our client above was looking for an island range hood, which can be extra-expensive because it needs to be…

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