Siandhara Bonnet
Jun 30, 2022 Updated Aug 5, 2022

One of Rapid City’s oldest families is selling its almost 4,300 acres for future growth as the region continues to expand.

Bob Borgmeyer said the Selador Ranch, which is listed at $44,995,000 as of Wednesday morning, is largely untouched.

“Our ranches are two blank spaces which should be owned by someone who can better integrate them with the imminent updated comprehensive planning and public works efforts including Ellsworth and its projected 13.5 mile water pipeline,” he said in an email to the Journal.

Borgmeyer, president of Selador Ranches, said his family chose to run the land as cattle ranches since 1956, so they remain pristine. He said his mother Myrtle Irene Huwe…

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