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The US is 3.8 Million Homes Short!

Well, what does this mean, why and what can we do about it? It's no secret that the real estate market is the topic of conversation across the country with homes selling within hours and for sometimes $100,000 over list price, even for a dated, small townhouse in Bozeman, Montana! This isn't the case with every property, but it takes luck or an experienced agent to get your offer accepted as well as some give and more give on the buyer's side. This is what we call a "seller's market"!

The U.S. housing market needs nearly 4 million single-family homes to meet the nation’s demand, according to a new analysis from Freddie Mac. The 3.8 million shortfall marks a 52% increase in the housing shortage since 2018 according

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Students in the BHS Solar Schools Club have been working hard to continue fundraising for solar panels on school rooftops.  The Solar Schools Club mission is to reduce the town's impact by offsetting our schools' energy demands using sunshine.  Montana's Net Metering program allows the harvest of sunshine during long summer days to offset winter consumption.  Please read on to learn how you can help our students "Keep Summers Cool and Winters Cold," in an effort to preserve the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and the Last Best Place.

Over three years, a dedicated group of students meeting weekly at lunch have raised $17,000, and are currently 33% towards the capital goals for our legacy project on Bozeman High School.

 We will be

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In addition to a long wait for Season 4 of "Yellowstone", we also have a new series in the works...

Following the successes of Yellowstone and Big Sky, a new series set around the history of John Bozeman and gunslinger William McKenzie is on the books for production in Montana starting soon.

Thanks to an expanding film industry and generous tax credit coordinated through the Montana Film Office, the series is being produced by Oscar-winning actor Richard Dreyfuss and writer/historian Jerry K Williams, who will serve as creator of the show and star alongside Dreyfuss.

the show Bozeman, Montana will revolve around the early history of Bozeman, John Bozeman's history as a young farmer in the region, and have a heavy focus on the relationship between

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