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We are so excited to announce our 4th Southwest Montana shop in the Billings area led by Shawna Morales. Shawna has been in real estate for over 14 years starting in Scottsdale, Arizona and landing in Billings. As both a buyer and a seller of both residential and investment properties, I can guide my client through the process with knowledge and confidence. Shawna works hard for clients to ensure they are getting the most accurate information to make an educated decision about their real estate transaction. Shawna has also worked alongside her husband, who is a seasoned contractor, and together they have bought, remodeled and sold investment properties throughout the Billings area.

The Billings Shop will cover the following markets: Billings, Lockwood,

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I think it is fascinating to learn how or why someone started their company or ended up in their role. I have been so impressed with OnX Map and then learned about "MeatEater" through the app. If you haven't discovered this excellent aid in hunting/ranching, check it out! Both are based in Bozeman.

The OnX Map Story - Born in Montana

Driving west in Montana is an adventure of changing landscapes. The scenery shifts from vast, amber plains of sagebrush into thick forests and mountains. Rivers weave through valleys and elk and deer feed in hay fields.

Hunting entails hiking steep hills, glassing for antlers through trees and navigating private ranch land. This was the alien world onX founder Eric Siegfried found himself in. He thrived in the eastern

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I am often amazed what is being created in our backyard...lasers and photonics that find homes in Time Square for everyone to see, a bronze of the world at the Chamber of Commerce in Spartanburg, SC, pharmaceuticals to address the Norovirus now owned by a Japanese company and recycled pet toys sold worldwide. 

Here are more Montana based companies on the rise...

On another note, within a year of competing, the top seven companies from the 2018 Early Stage Montana cohort have raised more than $6 million in growth capital and created more than 20 new jobs. Pat LaPointe, Early Stage Montana Board Chairman and managing director of Frontier Angels, expects even more from the newly-announced 2019 program finalists.

On November 7, the finalist companies

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Published September 10, 2019 by Explore Big Sky

An Alaskan brown bear plunges into a swarm of salmon. For coastal brown bears, fish make up a significant portion of their diet, as they consume thousands of pounds each per year. PHOTO BY ROBERT HAWTHORNE

Bozeman photographer documents Alaskan bears


BIG SKY – It was too late for retreat when Robert Hawthorne, a Montana native raised in the landlocked Rocky Mountains, realized he had misjudged the tide. After spending 10 hours in the tidal mudflats off the west coast of Alaska photographing brown bears digging for razor clams, he rushed to make a futile attempt to return to his boat, which was anchored a half mile

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Schedulicity, a Bozeman, Mont.-based online platform for consumers to schedule appointments, classes and workshops in more than 50 industries, raised $22m in funding.

Unnamed private investors participated in the round.

The company intends to use the funds to launch of a new payment processing platform, conduct an upcoming consumer-facing brand campaign, as well as grow at the company’s Bozeman, Montana headquarters.

Led by Jerry Nettuno, Founder and CEO, Schedulicity is an online platform to discover and schedule appointments, classes and workshops in more than 50 industries. From beauty and salon services, spa, skincare, massage, fitness and more, the app allows people to connect with the right providers in more than 9,000 cities. With

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in Fly Fishing 2018, Local Knowledge   |   Written By: Pat Straub | Photography By: Brandon McMahon

As anglers, many of us have moments that define us — be it a first fish on a fly rod, bringing a steelhead, permit, or tigerfish to hand, or playing a part in your child’s first caught fish. I’ve been blessed with several of these moments. My first one came more than 20 years ago, during a day I spent guiding outfitter and conservationist Paul Roos.

I was 24, and trying out for my first major league guiding gig. We were on the Blackfoot River in early June. Roos had picked an off-the-radar float and, as I launched the Avon Drifter raft, he said, laughing, “There aren’t a lot of fish on this

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For the third time, a Bozeman business is representing the entire state of Montana at a White House event celebrating American manufacturers.

“It’s very much an honor,” said Curt Smith, president of Schnee’s in downtown Bozeman. “We got invited by the White House to represent the state of Montana.”

When you get invited to go to the White House, it might be tough to say no. For Smith, he’s proud to make the trip, representing both Schnee’s and the Treasure State.

“We have been building our boots in Bozeman and even on Main Street since 1987,” he said. “We’re really proud about that.”

It’s all a part of the White House’s “Made in America” showcase, bringing all 50 states together in Washington, D.C. A business from each state is picked for

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Billings Clinic is one step closer to building in Bozeman.

The health care provider asked for an amendment to the city’s growth policy for the 54 acres it owns west of Costco, and the Bozeman City Commission voted 5-0 Monday night to change the requirements to build a medical campus and new businesses on the land.

Sarah Rosenberg, an associate planner with the city, told commissioners it was the first of several steps Billings Clinic needs to clear before carrying out its plans. She said city planning staff recommended approving the request because it would encourage a “broad and robust activity level” in the area.

Billings Clinic bought the property in 2016 with plans to open an ambulatory center and provide outpatient

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By Kris Inman EBS CONTRIBUTOR, Explore Big Sky

It was a great winter for skiers but the conditions that are best for winter sports enthusiasts provide unique challenges for wildlife. Record snow fall with temperatures well below zero resulted in deeper than normal snow depths that remained on the ground for an extended period this winter.

These conditions made it difficult for deer, elk and pronghorn to accesses the grasses lying beneath the snow. In turn, this forced the herbivores to rely on their fat reserves to not only fuel them when the grasses weren’t available, but to also keep them warm. As a result, we can expect to see more winter-killed animals this spring.

Photo: Missoula County FWP
To watch the video of Missoula County Fish Wildlife

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