We’ve had many people tell us how good we are at this “real estate thing” lately – thank you and we are definitely humbled and grateful for the props. 

Montana 406 Real Estate also seems to take on some new project almost every week – we feel we get towards doing something well that serves our home buyers and home sellers here in Bozeman and then we tweak to add something new that we feel will make our service even better – so when it's Bozeman 406 real estate and homes for sale in Bozeman, if we are good at this thing, why do more?

Because it’s personal – a personal bent to deliver the best to our clients.

Because the work and outcomes belong to us, by choice…and we cannot relax if we intend to always be living and working into our purpose and…

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One of the reasons Montana 406 exists to broker real estate in Bozeman is that every home sale and real estate transaction is a little different – that’s one of the things that attracted me, as the Founder, to first jump into this great business back in 1999.

What I’ve found out over the years is that we get the opportunity to learn more and something new on each transaction and our combined experience is more than 300 transaction sides at this point.

The other BIG factor to point out for any and all home buyers, in any trending market (up or down) is that Mr. Right may not exist.  We always coach our clients to look at where they want to be versus the house they choose – you can always remodel a house and you cannot move its location.

We’ve had…

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