Visit a Dude Ranch

Sponsored by the Dude Ranchers’ Association and shared from Explore Big Sky

Is there really any better way to experience the West than on horseback? We’ll wait…but in our opinion, the answer is simple: no there isn’t! Get your boots on and saddle up cowboys and cowgirls, because no matter where you are in Montana or the western United States, there’s a dude ranch nearby, ready to provide you with an authentic Western vacation experience, complete with a cowboy hat. 


Since 1926 the Dude Ranchers’ Association has been assisting adventure seekers looking for the ride of their lives. Their website is a database of all registered member dude ranches in the U.S., helping pair you with a…

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1) Appreciation - The market has returned to a healthy, stable, and predictable 4-5% appreciation. Rental properties go up in value as rental prices rise.  With high demand and low vacancy rents have been rising steadily for several years. In addition the job market and the maturing millennial generation are creating thousands of new households each month. 

2) Depreciation - The IRS allow rental owners to "write down" a portion of the value of their rental investment over a period of time. This allow rental owners to offset some of their annual gains which can increase their ability to shelter income. Always refer your clients to a qualified CPA for guidance. 

3) Sweat Equity - When rental owners make improvements to their properties over time they…

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According to the Bozeman Chronicle, nearly three out of four of the top-ranked high school students in the state say they plan to attend Montana State University.

Some 214 Montana students have qualified for the Montana University System Honor Scholarship and 158 or almost 74% have selected the Bozeman campus.

The scholarships, good at 16 public four-year and two-year colleges, pay for annual tuition, or about $5,654 a year at MSU. They are renewable for up to four years, so potentially worth more than $20,000.

High school students are chosen based on their grades, class rank and ACT or SAT exam scores.

In 2016, 72% of scholarship winners chose MSU.

“We’re thrilled to have these students join us on our campus and are…

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Here in Big Sky Country we are thankful for a lot of things – blue skies, sharp mountain peaks, and room to breathe and think. We are also thankful for the leadership offered by our Engel & Volkers Americas President and CEO, Anthony Hitt. Anthony recently sent an executive update that called all advisors and shops to pause and reflect on the great upheaval our nation has been experiencing the past few months. As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, and now address nation-wide tension due to racial injustice, it’s apparent there is a “new normal” on the horizon for America.  We choose to believe this is better for us and our nation. Anthony reminds us:

“We as individuals have so much power. While one person’s actions can ignite destruction,…

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