Fall Arrives in Bozeman

You probably give your home a deep clean in the spring – especially if you are considering listing your home for sale…and you should also show your home some love at the beginning of fall. Here's where to start:

1. Perform a pantry audit.

First, remove all the cans and boxes from the shelves, and vacuum away any lingering dust or crumbs – you might be amazed at what can build up in just a few months. Then, inspect each item before putting it back in its place, tossing anything that is expired or past its prime. Consult a shelf-life chart as a helpful guide.

 2. Test and clean your smoke detectors.

You already know to put fresh batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors (doing this on the days you change the clocks for…

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Prep your real estate for sale in Bozeman to look its best during real estate’s hottest selling season. 

If you’re planning to list your home towards the end of summer — and hope to sell before the snow flies here in southwest Montana — the clock is ticking.  Even before you meet with an agent, prep your home so you can capitalize on the sizzling summer selling season, when 60% of all homes are bought and sold!

 Here are 6 essential steps to take now to be real estate for sale-ready:

 1. Tackle the obvious repairs

If you want to sell your home this summer, start by tackling all the necessary and obvious repairs.  The idea is to prevent potential home buyers from being distracted by chipping paint, scuffed-up floors, and leaking gutters…

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