Limestone West Timber Sale Contract Potentially Up For Bid

Posted by PollyAnna Snyder on Monday, January 7th, 2019 at 3:01pm

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With the selection of modified Action Alternative A, a conservation license option with a term length of 25-years will also be offered for bid. This alternative was analyzed as Action Alternative C in the DEIS with modifications to the term length made from 10-years (DEIS) to 25-years (FEIS) based on public comment and growth and yield conditions of the current forest stands. 

Under Modified Alternative A, total new road construction would be reduced from 9 miles to 6.7 miles and new administratively open roads in Action Alternative A would be reduced from 5.3 miles to 2.8 miles, terminating in the northwest corner of Harvest Unit C6. All other road prisms would remain, but would be reclaimed by debris closure at the completion of the project. This change would eliminate any administratively open road in Section 9, T3S, R6E and most road in the southwest ¼ of section 4, T3S, R6E. Roads of concern to Montana FWP and the public would be reclaimed in a manner that would make non-motorized recreational public access much more difficult and would provide greater security for wildlife.

Overall, Modified Action Alternative A strikes the best balance between protecting ecological values, addressing insect and disease problems, developing a transportation system and reducing fire hazard while generating revenue for the Trust. Modified Action Alternative A earns $31,475 more in total trust revenue than Action Alternative B. Stands with the greatest amounts of mortality are identified for harvest with treatments that best provide for long-term forest health and vigor. Modified Action Alternative A treats 101 more acres of stands that are moderate to high-risk to insect and disease than does Action Alternative B. Because of the above-mentioned reasons, Modified Action Alternative A best complies with the Department’s legal requirement to manage these lands to produce the largest measure of reasonable and legitimate return over the long run for the trust beneficiaries.

If approved, the timber sale and associated conservation license with be advertised for sale for a period of 30-days. At the completion of the advertisement, sealed bids will be opened and a Final Record of Decision will be published notifying the public the outcome of the bidding process. 

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