Student and Parent Update - January 2020

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General Overview

As we kick off 2020, the excitement is building around the high school transition. We still have a lot of work to do in order to prepare for the BHS renovation and the opening of Gallatin High. So far we continue to make progress on our list of things to do with more than 60% completion. While we have a lot of work to do this spring, we are still on track in all categories.


If you're in the Board room at the Willson, be sure to check out our progress on the back wall.

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How to Get involved

Parent Advisory Councils are up and running for both high schools. The BHS PAC meets the third Thursday of each month at noon in the BHS Berg library. The GHS PAC meets the second Thursday of each month at noon in the BHS Berg library.


For more information about either PAC, you can email either at: and


You can also attend the Open House information night to discuss the formation and restructuring of the Booster Clubs for both schools.

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Bozeman High Renovation

We know teachers and students alike are starting to think more about what the BHS renovation will look like. We want to ensure everyone remaining at BHS is well informed about the construction process and well prepared to navigate the school next year.


As soon as school is out this summer, demolition will begin on C, D, E, and J wings, as well as the old library and special services area. For the next school year, students will use covered walkways to access the south campus as the annex area and part of Long Hall will be under construction. Please see the image above or click here for a closer view.


At the end of the 21-22 school year, construction will be complete and Bozeman High will have a beautiful new main entrance (off Ruth Thibeault Way), a commons, a new two-story classroom building, and new 750 seat auditorium.

Gallatin High Construction

The building is now over 80% complete and visibly taking shape. We will have a number of tours this spring for future students, staff, and parents, as well as community members. Gym floors have been installed and are ready for striping. Interior finishes are being finalized and furniture and equipment orders have begun. See below for samples of interior finishes. We are still on track to gain occupancy the first week of June.


Teachers will be picking out classrooms within the next few weeks and we'll be hosting several tours for students, parents, and the community throughout the month of April.


By the end of January, we plan to let everyone know where all current BHS teachers will be teaching next school year. It is a complicated process as we analyze the student registration data, work with district administration on the budget, and finalize FTE needs for each building.


Finalizing teaching assignments will set in motion several other important steps. Immediately following, we'll begin accepting nominations for department leaders for each school based on vacancies in each building.

Academic Programming

Staffing is closely tied to the student registration process. Once students register, we are able to analyze the number of students requesting each course and determine if we'll offer each course annually. While we'll offer all of the same classes at both high schools, whether or not we run a course will depend on meeting the minimum number of students required. As long as we have approximately 20 students register for a course, we can run the course according to our budget. It is a priority to meet students' academic needs. If we are only able to offer a course in one school or the other, efforts will be made to accommodate students in both schools.

Activities and Athletics

In conjunction with the staffing process, we are also in the midst of screening, interviewing, and hiring new head coaches for all varsity sports. As soon as we finalize where all current head coaches will be teaching and/or coaching, we'll know where we have vacancies. We will share that information with the community in order to give coaches time to connect with students and build their programs. Subsequently, we'll post assistant coaching positions and begin the hiring process to complete the coaching staff for each sport in each school. We will also be sharing a detailed timeline for coaches so students know when they will be able to access gyms and weight rooms for off season conditioning.


Additionally, Gallatin High coaches will begin working with Mark Ator and Universal Athletics on uniform design.


February 5th the Hawk Boosters will be hosting an open house event to discuss how to create and build the Gallatin High Boosters and invigorate the Hawk Booster Club. If you have any interest in getting involved in supporting athletic programs at both schools, please plan to attend this event. The open house will be held Wednesday, February 5th at 6pm in the South Cafeteria.


By 2022, both schools will have a 750 seat auditorium. In the meantime, music programs for both schools will use the Gallatin High auditorium for more performances. Larger combined performances will still be held at the Willson Auditorium.

Upcoming Events

February 5, 6pm - BHS/GHS Booster Open House meeting

February 13, 12pm - GHS PAC meeting in the Berg library

February 20, 12pm - BHS PAC meeting in the Berg library


There will also be tours coming up throughout the month of April.


You can also keep up by following Gallatin Raptors on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or follow Bozeman High at @Bozemanhs

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Contact Us

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