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Recently I was thinking about how we could embrace our “cozy kitchen” and not have to go into full remodel mode – this, of course comes after the holidays when my wife goes into “kitchen exile” for a few weeks.

Also, when your living is brokering and selling homes, you become fascinated with what other people see in certain parts of homes and what it is they are drawn to, over and over again as home buyers.

So…. How do chefs organize their home kitchens? Smartly, thank you — and not as lavishly as you might think.

For homeowners who love to cook, the kitchen is a sacred space. It needs an inviting ambiance and a practical workflow more than shiny new appliances or endless counter space. In fact, many professional chefs say they don’t need a

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Home TipsSix “To-Do” Tasks for Your New Home…


Moving into your first home is exciting! But it also means you’ve got work to do.

When we bought our first house (even though it wasn’t in Bozeman), our timing couldn’t have been better: The house closing was two weeks before the lease was up on our current house. That meant we could take our time packing and moving, and we could get to know the new place before moving in.

We recruited friends to help move (in exchange for a beer-and-pizza picnic on the floor) and, as a bonus, we got to pick their brains about what first-time homeowners should know. 

Their help was one of the best housewarming presents we could have gotten. And thanks to their expertise and a little research, here’s what I learned about what

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Don’t break your back shoveling snow. Try these tips to make winter less of a burden.


If you’re a Montana homeowner, chances are good you rue the winter: All that snow has to go somewhere, and it’s not getting there itself. 

Cue the snow shovel.

Barring a move to a snow-free state or barricading your family inside all winter, there’s no way to avoid the endless task of shoveling snow.  There are, however, ways to make the process much easier.  Here are three simple hacks to make the morning after a snowfall much less stressful.

1.  Spray Your Shovel with Cooking Oil

Snow sticking to your shovel makes an already arduous task even more obnoxious. Avoid it with this hack: Lightly coat your shovel with non-stick cooking oil to make snow

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Fall Arrives in Bozeman

You probably give your home a deep clean in the spring – especially if you are considering listing your home for sale…and you should also show your home some love at the beginning of fall. Here's where to start:

1. Perform a pantry audit.

First, remove all the cans and boxes from the shelves, and vacuum away any lingering dust or crumbs – you might be amazed at what can build up in just a few months. Then, inspect each item before putting it back in its place, tossing anything that is expired or past its prime. Consult a shelf-life chart as a helpful guide.

 2. Test and clean your smoke detectors.

You already know to put fresh batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors (doing this on the days you change the clocks for

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Prep your real estate for sale in Bozeman to look its best during real estate’s hottest selling season. 

If you’re planning to list your home towards the end of summer — and hope to sell before the snow flies here in southwest Montana — the clock is ticking.  Even before you meet with an agent, prep your home so you can capitalize on the sizzling summer selling season, when 60% of all homes are bought and sold!

 Here are 6 essential steps to take now to be real estate for sale-ready:

 1. Tackle the obvious repairs

If you want to sell your home this summer, start by tackling all the necessary and obvious repairs.  The idea is to prevent potential home buyers from being distracted by chipping paint, scuffed-up floors, and leaking gutters

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Boutique Real EstateYou know, when we first embarked on the formation of Montana 406 Real Estate as a company, we really looked long and hard at who we are and wanted to base the company on our past experiences and successes...and when brokering real estate in Bozeman versus Orange County, California, we wanted to still remain true to what brought the company to be special and so well-recognized by our clientele.

It was about a year ago and when we were first doing research on a partnership with Leverage Global Partners that the term "Boutique Real Estate" really hit me...and the fact that it fit perfectly with our character, business model, and the way we do business.  I always hear about the agents who are doing 100-plus transactions each year and am a bit in awe of

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Page HuyettePlease help the Montana 406 family and professionals welcome Page Huyette to the firm.

 Page’s Experience - Page will be representing Sellers and Buyers as a professional Realtor and Sales Associate with Montana 406. 

“I've been involved in real estate since 1998, specializing in single family and multi-family properties as an investment vehicle.  This has helped me to understand multiple facets of buying and selling properties, such as financing options, development potential, city and county requirements and constructions means and methods.  After stepping back from real estate for a few years to teach at Montana State University, I fell in love with an off-market property in Bozeman, and worked to negotiate a deal with the owner's to sell.  That

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Talk to your RealtorIf you're like most people, thoughts of putting your home on the market and moving up, down or out of dodge all together periodically float through your mind. These days, there’s extra incentive given the inventory shortages in many areas.


After two healthy years of housing recovery, we are experiencing another year of a shortage of inventory of homes for sale.

National statistics bear this out as well. According to the National Association of REALTORS®, total existing-home sales increased 6.1 percent in March—the highest annual rate since September 2013—however, the housing supply has only experienced a modest increase, just two percent above a year ago. 

Still, choosing to sell is a big decision—a decision that requires the careful weighing

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It’s that time of year again – and a great time for those of you who like to think ahead.  While school is rapidly coming to a close for the spring terms of 2015, many wise investors are thinking ahead to the fall terms, and beyond.

Every year, millions of college students flood into college cities and towns. Those students, along with the faculty and staff at their schools, have one common need: housing. Consistent demand for housing makes college and university communities attractive to people interested in real estate investing.

The Opportunity
Whereas housing demand may fluctuate in other areas, college towns boast a steady flow of students, professors and staff, and a percentage of those will always require off-campus housing. Most colleges

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Everyone should have, or at least know, a good real estate agent when it comes to homes for sale in Bozeman. There are a lot of outstanding agents who will be responsive to your questions or concerns and who continually earn the right to your business, but there are also a lot of inadequate agents who can make the process feel overwhelming, creating a negative experience.
Who you choose to represent you in a real estate transaction is a crucial step in the process. A question that is frequently asked is whether using a large, corporate or franchised brokerage house is better than using a smaller independent brokerage firm. While large brokerage houses, like Coldwell Banker, are impressive with their nationwide presence, it’s important to realize…
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