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Stephen Drabek

Stephen Drabek, Bozeman Advisor | REALTOR®

Adventure has always been my passion. After graduating from The Ohio State University with a degree in English, I decided to leave my hometown of Cleveland and headed for the Rockies. I spent 7 years in Colorado before settling in Montana. Whether skiing, mountain biking, climbing, or hiking, I sought to make adventure a lifestyle. I favored spending time in the mountains over a traditional career path, and thus spent almost a decade working in hospitality. My time in high-end restaurants instilled in me the ability to create authentic and personal experiences… to help facilitate a culinary adventure. Hospitality became my lifeblood, and the essence of my work was rooted in providing quality satisfaction to others. As your advisor, I’ll utilize a friendly and nuanced approach, and work tirelessly to help navigate you through a stress-free and enjoyable real estate endeavor. Your best interests will be prioritized above all else, through - open and honest communication - thorough attention to detail - genuine care and commitment Your Southwest Montana dream is uniquely personal, and you deserve to experience it in all of its reality. I’d love to join you on your real estate adventure!

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